Kristy & Greg
Canmore Backyard Wedding

There is nothing quite like photographing a wedding within a ten minute walk of your doorstep. Seeing those familiar sites you take a little bit too much for granted as the backdrops for a day that will be one of the greatest marks in a couple’s journey. And what a glorious day it was. Despite the rain and the uncertainty of how the time would go, because this was a backyard wedding and whatever happened, happened.

The day started calm with only a hint of storms that were making their way eastward through the valley. Their living room had been rearranged to allow for several long tables, decorated with wildflowers. The rain came and went allowing time for their friends to set up a daisy may pole of sorts, with branches lining the aisle, and blankets to add some colour.  The details were a perfect type of simple, all handcrafted by those close with care and attention.  As Kristy and Greg helped each other with their final touches the rain began pouring down, changing our plans of doing portraits. After some time alone they sat on their bed, and played. A handful of portraits were taken in their home followed by their greenhouse full of leafy goodness and the softest of light.

Afterwards the first keg of Banff Brewing Company’s Highline Magazine Naked Nut Brown Ale arrived. Something particularly celebratory on such a day since Highline Magazine is Kristy’s creation. Slowly, the clouds drifted on by and there was our first glimpse of sun that day, just a quarter hour or so before the ceremony, nestled off a running trail.  As guests arrived they crossed a small stream on palettes, where they were shortly joined by Kristy and Greg. A simple ceremony, presented by a longtime family friends. Words of promise and humour. Stolen embraces throughout. Tears and laughs rounded out with cheers and hugs.

The site was dismantled as some threw stones in the Bow River, others discussed local happenings and the short walk back to their house was made. Lawn games and stories were shared before more friends from town began arriving to celebrate. As the sun disappeared behind the mountains the dance began and so concluded their day.

Bear hugs to you two.

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