Wyatt + Kat

A personal project for the past three years have been organizing and scanning my grandfather’s slides. I was recently given a large bag of prints from the mid-50s of which a handful are of my grandmother and her firstborn as taken by my grandfather. I marvelled out how these rather uneventful¬†moments document her first forage into being a mother, as she holds him ever so awkwardly, spoon feeds him near the end of his first year, pushes him in his stroller in the yard and among the greenhouses. The simplicity of the day and the interactions between the two. That is what inspired this day with Kat and her son. ¬†A small look into what life was like for them at that point, how each week he discovers more, their connection develops, yet this was then and there is something simply marvellous about that.

The imagery isn’t perfect. There are a handful out of focus, some motion blur, but those were the things that intrigue me most about family images.

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