WPPI 2011
Las Vegas

About two hours before heading to the airport I made a rather interesting decision – I was just going to shoot film. No digital. At all. Best decision I made.

Nothing beats wandering the strip with a rather bulky medium format camera. The wonderful thing about Vegas is that there is always guaranteed to be someone more interesting than you on the block. My camera was the least of people’s concerns with the men on the corner handing out their cards, the buskers selling bad karaoke or dressed in ridiculous get-ups crooning “I am beautiful! Look at me! I’m on a sidewalk!”, and the odd stormtrooper strewn here and there. I could swear I saw both Elvis and Michael Jackson as well.

Despite appearing as a bad set of the real Vegas, the strip in the day time had its own handful of gems.

I hope you enjoy viewing these and laugh as much as I did taking these.

Thanks so much for looking! Feel free to leave a comment. Love to hear from ya!

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13 Replies

  • wendy  

    Hey.. I love these. I did the same thing but in color, but I love your take on it. Did you go to Jon’s dinner? How did I not meet you??

    We coulda shoulda walked together. Great shots.

  • Nessa K  

    This makes me want to break out some film in a big way. These are fabulous! =)

  • Anna Rasmussen  

    I love the composition of the girl with the cigarette. Love that one. Also the first one of the Star Wars guy. LOVE.

  • elyse  

    Love this view of Vegas. The B&W really brings out something different in it… you are so talented!

  • Natalie  

    Brit these are great! I think you captured the strangeness of Vegas very well.

  • julie  

    you are so brave! I always want to shoot random people but can’t quite work up the guts. These are fantastic!!!!

  • H&K  

    Okay, I don’t even know where to begin with all this awesomeness, but I’ll try.

    1.) Film.
    2.) Boobie Tassles.
    3.) Hot Ass Escort.
    4.) A Storm Trooper pointing at me.


  • Leah Wood  

    These are great and I love the film b&w. I love all the dust spots on your pictures. Did you process these also. Great job and the storm trooper was hilarious.