Caitlynn & Brandon
Married in Tuscany

Flying to Italy and photographing Caitlynn and Brandon’s wedding is surely going to be one of the highlights of my year. What an experience to go to a little town on a hill, surrounded by people who flew in from all corners of the world, to celebrate their marriage.

Caitlynn and Brandon met in the sleepy town of Cortona while studying abroad. From there their relationship grew and continued when they returned to Canada. It was an obvious choice to have their wedding where they first met, giving their friends and family the opportunity to experience the part of the world they fell in love with.

The couple went their separate ways in the morning at the town square, Brandon to Terzo di Danciano with his groomsmen, and Caitlynn to the hairdresser with her friend. The next few hours were a constant hum of activity. A moment I recount with so much joy is when Caitlynn opened Brandon’s gift, a necklace with an orange stone, and at the clasp a little message reading ‘Love you. See you at 4:00’ – their ceremony time that was quickly approaching. The thoughtfulness and subtle humour in that added touch perfectly shows their compassion and tenderness for each other.

The final details were completed as the afternoon wore on. The guests began to gather in the courtyard having arrived from Cortona on a bus ride through Tuscany, being served with handmade coffee. After being instructed by the friend who officiated to take their seats the wedding began. Each of the bridal party walking themselves down the aisle, followed by Caitlynn who did likewise. A beautiful ceremony overlooking the Tuscan countryside with an odd breeze intercepting the stillness of the air.

After everything had completed they celebrated with everyone there with champagne and appies. Taking a brief moment for themselves under the dappled light to embrace. We quickly did portraits using the ancient walls of the manor and olive garden directly outside the villa. Cats nearly always present.

The night was full of course upon course of some of the best food I have ever tasted, paired perfectly with wines. Speeches that spoke to their character and wonderfulness. The centre pieces being disassembled to make flower hair accents. And a dance that continued late into the early hours.

Thank you for having me there. It was a delight.

Venue and Catering | Terzo di Danciano near Cortona . Second shooter | Sam

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5 Replies

  • Len  

    Freaking love your work so much and this wedding is insanely gorgeous! LOOOOOOVE

  • Colin M  

    Aww…such a wonderful day to be part of!

  • Jessica Z  

    I absolutely love how you set the scene photographing the town beforehand as if it was waking up for the wedding day. Beautiful work Brittany!