Robyn & Christen
Tofino Camp Wedding

Although I have been so fortunate as to have gone over to Vancouver Island several times before I never had the delight of visiting Tofino. Canada is known for it’s rolling prairies, lakes and mountains but the rugged beaches and forests of the west coast seem completely out of Canadian character. Robyn and Christen’s wedding could not have been a better reason to drive across the island.

They decided to hold their wedding in the town they call home to allow their family from across Canada and Norway to visit. Having first met at a meditation retreat on an island just off Tofino it only seemed fitting. Their relationship started across a continent and an ocean. Skype and letters. After many trips back and forth a decided move to Canada, a world away from home, by Christen to do carpentry in a shed by the Pacific Ocean.

The week prior the sun shone, the weather was perfection. But as the weekend came closer the clouds closed in and the rain appeared. The morning was much deciding between getting married in the lodge or going forward with the plan for a ceremony in a nearby camp, providing a natural alter and aisle by aged trees. At the last moment they decided to hold it outside. As the guests arrived the rain came down harder. Cover was taken in the nearby trees, umbrellas were handed out, Christen’s family donned the lodge’s rain gear all the while laughing at the hilarity of it all. Despite the weather it was absolute perfection. Christen and Robyn had seen each other earlier. I can only name a handful of times when I have choked up by a moment but when they first saw each other I could not help myself. His absolute wonderment at her. Her delight and relief to see him. Two people who adored each other more than anything. A feeling the carried through the ceremony and the rest of the day.

The rings were given to their parents before being exchanged. To be held. To respect and understand the decision they were both making to spend the rest of their lives together. To show support. To see Robyn and Christen’s gratefulness at such a gesture was astounding. As the ceremony came to a close a voice rang up in the crowd. Then two. Then they exchanged. A song. A surprise singing flash mob. Oh the happiness and the tears were ever more apparent then.

The rest of the evening was full of stories, advice, jokes, and love. Dancing soon followed and then a show of fire.

Thank you for having me.

Ceremony | Bella Pacifica Campground in Tofino . Reception | Middle Beach Lodge . Dress | Something Blue in Vancouver . Planning | Sheila from Rare Earth Weddings in Tofino . Flowers | Isabelle Guyon . Make-up Artist | Angela Nair . Hairstylist | Rhonda Graham at Studio One . Catering | Chef Matt Wilson & Chef Nick Nutting . Cake | Matt Wilson . DJ | Andy Greig . Videographer | Cameron Dennison

First look in a tree grove on Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Pacific Rim National Park wedding portraiture in a forest
Ceremony at campsite near Middle Beach Lodge in British Columbia
Wedding couple portraits at Middle Beach Lodge in Tofino
Cigar bar at a Tofino wedding

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16 Replies

  • Rachel Pick  

    All the special moments of love and emotion (tears of joy in the ceremony, hand on the brides shoulder as she reaches back) make this wedding shine with the love and care. Beautiful ways to tell their story and also show you can get married in the rain! These will be a treasure for this couple.

  • Tomasz Wagner  

    Brittany, you blow me away every time with your eye for compositions, tones, and moments. So much talent!

  • Matt  

    Whoa, love it. The processing is great, perfect for the light and surroundings. Those portraits are stunning and the story is told so well.

  • Camille  

    Brittany, you have this way of bringing out some of the most beautiful emotions in your images. This is one of the most stunning weddings I have ever seen. Thank you so much for sharing! Always in awe

  • small  

    Gorgeous! Love their super sweet first look. What an amazing location!

  • Brett  

    Whaaaat?? This is insanely good. The coverage, the couple, the location, the post work. Nailed. It.

    About to look through this again now.

  • Shari Vallely  

    are you kidding me!?!? These images are incredible!! What a beautiful wedding + couple. You killed it.

  • Danny  

    Wow can you just stop being awesome for like 10 seconds? No? Ok I guess not. Seriously you kicked this weddings butt these are beautiful!