More Memories

This past year I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer in a Baby Home in northern Thailand. However, I haven’t had the time to share some of the snapshots I had take so… here they are. Not only did I have the absolute delight of sharing so much time with the kids but also on my 20th birthday I went with one of the Thai girls up to her village on one of her breaks. Words can not describe just how amazing of an experience it was and her family was so gracious and kind (and the food delicious)!


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  • Kim  

    These are incredible and delightful and really show the true spirit of Thailand and the warmth of its people. The close-up portrait of the older gent just gave me chills.

  • Robb Duncan  

    Awesome images, I love your B&W’s !! And I love the human contrasts as I moved from one image to the next.