Terra & Terence
Vancouver Couple Photography

Can I start by saying there is an unfair proportion of talent between these two individuals? I am pretty sure their talent is made exponentially more awesome by being together – like their names! Terra is the fabulous wedding and event planner behind Inspired Occasions and Terence is the creativity behind TLAW Photography right here in Calgary.

Turned out  our west coast vacations were happening at the same time so of course we had to schedule a little photo shoot… and Japa Dogs, made popular through the Winter Olympics.

Speaking of the Olympics can I just explain to you the crowning moment of that event for myself? So I was sitting on the edge of my chesterfield (yes, I just called a sofa a chesterfield so I sound über Canadian, as I sit here drinking Canadian Maple Tea), and we had just gone into overtime. Now you have to imagine me literally gripping the edge of my seat, probably squealing/yelling/chanting while half near tears at the thought of losing and all of my Canadian pride going down the drain to admit defeat to my American friends. There was no way I was going to look away from that screen even if there was a jumbo jet landing in my living room. No way. So, Iginla has the puck, he passes it to Crosby AND…. *blue screen* “Your television has timed out due to inactivity. If you wish to continue watching please press ‘Continue'”. No flipping way! It is a wonder the remote still has that button. Well, I was greeted to cheering and a sea of red and white.  Hooray Canada! Sorry I missed out on that glorious moment!

Back to Japa Dogs. So Japa Dogs are hot dogs with a serious twist and difficult to pronounce names. If you ever find yourself in Vancouver you must have one.

Now back to the couple.

Didn’t get enough of their awesomeness? That’s okay! Because next week I will be posting some images taken with my Mamiya from this session!

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11 Replies

  • Terra Law  

    Terence and I had the best time working with you Brittany. You made us feel so comfortable and we are so honoured that you were willing to take time out of your vacation to capture some images of us while we were away celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary. We love these images and will treasure them always. Thanks for being so awesome!

  • Mark  

    These shots are awesome! I finally found out what a japadog was today (thanks Terence!) Nice use of shadows:)

  • julie  

    yep, they are the cutest! And you’re the greatest. How fun that you were there at the same time :)

  • Evelyn Clark  

    Oh Em Gee — Brittany, you really did a phenomenal job capturing these two!!! I love Terra’s criss-crossed feet in the first photo :D

  • Mary  

    awwww you two are adorable. love ya both, and congrats on 3 years!

  • TLAW  

    Killer! I’m so happy our timing worked out in Vancouver! Thanks for capturing our 3rd anniversary for us in perfect fashion. Next time, you will be required to order the Love Meat from Japadog if only because its the only one you can pronounce :)

  • Brandy  

    These are awesome! Great photos and a great couple!

  • Kirstie  

    Adorable session Brittany. Terra is such a sweet calm thoughtful creative ethical professional to work with. They look like such a sweet couple.