Sancia + Mitchell
Canadian Rockies Hiking Session

When fellow photographers (who have way too much in common with your husband and yourself) ask you to photograph them on their second anniversary wherever you want (and to bring your dog), you say yes. A very, very emphatic yes. These two are The Toths.

So on that summer day we woke up before the sun even began to colour the sky and met deep in the mountains, a bit delirious, while clutching whatever caffeine we could scrounge before setting out, and we hiked. As a seemingly empty Kananaskis stretched from one horizon to the other we eventually made our way above the treeline just as the light began to reflect off the peaks to our backs. Our only friends were rather perturbed ground squirrels as we meandered the hills before they became a rock boneyard. As we gained elevation it became we were indeed simply walking a Hobbit (that’s the dog) into Mordor with the stark rock walls.

So here is to all the adventurous couples. Here is to more sessions and elopements in the Canadian wilderness.

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