Reception Moments
Canmore Wedding

At Andrea and Nathan’s reception, kisses were gained in a slightly different manner than I have seen. When glasses were clinked names of couples were drawn from a bucket. The chosen couple would come to the front and show Andrea and Nathan how they were to follow suit. One particular couple came to the front and gave a wonderful Johnny Cash rendition. The bride and groom convened for a minute before breaking out into¬†Skinny Marinky Dinky Dink, which if you aren’t familiar at the end you point to the person who you love singing “I…love…you!” Well Andrea pointed at Nathan, Nathan pointing at their guests. After much laughter from everyone the situation was¬†rectified.

Congratulations Andrea and Nathan on your amazing wedding day!

PS. I was just informed this song is apparently from a Canadian children’s show so if you have no idea what is happening this link here might help you out a bit

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7 Replies

  • Kirstie  

    AMAZING!!! What a perfectly captured moment. I totally remember that song!! Love their style and their expressions are fantastic.

  • Sandy French  

    They did a great job on the song..perfect for them!!! Love the pics.

  • Lori Stefanishion  

    I especially love the very typical Andrea moment – the HUGE laugh!

  • Nathan Trainor  

    Thank you for capturing the recovery too!

  • Sharron Brunner  

    Gorgeous bride and handsome groom…..looks like it was a fun wedding… happy for them, and I am sure everything turned out perfect. Congratulations!

  • Heather Lazzer  

    What a wonderful group of pictures…You caught the moment