Popowich Family
One Day

One day with one wonderful family.

Earlier this year I donated an all day documentary family session to Hope for Jems, silent auction event to raise money for therapy costs.

On November 9th, 2008, God blessed this world by giving it a precious gift named Jemma Helena Hope Kletke. At only two days old, Jemma needed medical attention and was sent to the Alberta Childrens Hospital. After many tests, they discovered a large blood clot in her brain. The blood clot not only severely damaged the right side of her brain, but it also caused her to have Diabetes Insipidus, Hydrocephalus, Cerebral Palsy, Seizures and it damaged her optic nerve which made her blind. Despite all the diagnoses doctors have given Jemma, she continues to defy the odds and prove that miracles do happen. (http://www.hopeforjems.com)

I could not have enjoyed my day more. Entirely unscripted and authentic. Click after the second image to see more.

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13 Replies

  • Sofia Katherine  

    This is such a beautiful session. I LOVE love it so much. So modern and real. These photos will forever move this family. I keep raving about this blog post to other photographers. Amazing work Brittany.

  • Kyle  

    Well hello first family photo session to have ever moved me to tears.

  • sarah der  

    SO MUCH SWEETNESS–I am serious! After looking through this story, I really feel like I spent a day with the family, got a sense of all the sweet moments shared between them AND THAT LITTLE BABY WHAT IN THE WORLD SO DANG PRECIOUS. So much love.

  • Erica  

    Mind. blown. Brittany I just love this so much from start to finish, what an amazing gift for this family. xx

  • Ashlene  

    WOW…. Speechless. Those images are simply stunning. I love the facial expressions that children have…. And PS having two kids looks exhausting, haha ;)

  • Leah  

    Oh my goodness. i LOVED these!! every.last.single.one of them. This is my favorite kind of photography and you do it oh so well. Really though. thank goodness you found your way to a camera. the world is SO blessed because of it!!

  • Jonathan  

    Brittany, so awesome. Seriously, you are incredibly talented and Shannon and I consider ourselves very lucky to have been the recipients of your donation. You captured our children’s personalities and we couldn’t be happier with the final product! Great work and we will certainly be passing your name along.

  • Luis Godinez  

    There are so many levels of radness that it will take a 24hr-gaming-thon to try to reach them all. #epic #rad #winning #gangnamstylefamily

  • Tatjanna Miller  

    Brittany! What a wonderful session and what a great family, they give me such a sense of love and happiness. beautifully done!