Kristy + David
Nipika Mountain Resort Wedding

There is something about mountain weddings and the odds of weather. If there is a 20% chance of rain for the day, if your schedule is allotted to be 40% of the time outside, there is a 90% chance that that 20% chance of rain will happen during that outdoor ceremony and portraits. It’s one of those marvellous things about getting married in the Canadian Rockies. You can plan every detail only to know that Mother Nature will have something unpredictable up her sleeve. Kristy and David’s day was no different. And it was perfect.

Their cabins sat haphazardly across from either other with the ceremony field in between them. If one were to stand on the balcony and squinted (because for whatever reason we all convinced that actually helps our long distance vision) they may make out the distinguishable figure of another. As the clouds formed and then disintegrated on the surrounding peaks, like a rhythm of collected sighs, they prepared for the day surrounded by their dearest.

I for one am a proponent of seeing each other before the ceremony.  To have the other hold your hand and feel the shakiness settle. To have that moment to revel in all the late nights planning and flurry of messages to and from vendors leading to that time where you stand before each other for the last time as engaged. It’s those anticipatory moments beforehand and the giddiness of when first sees her. It’s those little things that make it one of my favourite times of the day. And goodness gracious I can only imagine I look like a proper fool grinning as it all happens.

As weather moves in the trees seem to shiver. The tops of their branches sway just a bit more then the base, causing a dizzying effect if you dare look up. As the ceremony prepared to start the trees started their dance. It wasn’t a downpour, simply a drizzle. The type where it soaks every imaginable surface and there is something innate about craving a fireplace and a tea in hand. Guests huddled beneath umbrellas provided by strangers of ten minutes before. As the wedding party began their long walk from the main lodge David’s father dedicated his time to insuring his own bride’s seat would be dry when she arrived. Kristy chose to walk the first portion of the aisle with her stepfather and the rest with her father. Their ceremony was mayhaps a touch more hurried then if it was a bluebird day, a sequence of umbrella hand offs and rings fumbled from the best man’s hands added to the comedy unexpected weather tends to bring. But just after being announced as married the trees quieted as their guests showered them with petals and hollers of congratulations.

They gathered in the loft of a barn with subtle nods to their Swiss and Australian roots. The tables close allowing for conversation not only amongst tablemates but also to those behind. As each course came out people would reference their menu cards one or two that came perhaps a touch too close to the flames. The speeches drew a mix of laughter and tears with reflection and memories and odes to the two people they were celebrating. As if waiting to be queued the rain held off just long enough for the dance to start underway before pounding on the roof. And that’s it. A perfect day.

Venue and Catering | Nipika Mountain Resort near Invermere, British Columbia

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    You are such an exceptional photographer. Love these!