Jenn & Tyson
Canmore Mountain Engagement

In a few short weeks Jenn and Tyson are going to be married. I was so glad to be able to spend part of an afternoon with them here in Canmore for their engagement session. We explored little pockets of the area that showcase the raw beauty of the mountains. Jenn, also being a photographer, entirely understood when we came upon the rock wall my lamentations the loss of light as the sun disappeared behind a cloud. She also understood as the sun peeked out my sudden string of unintelligable words followed by frantic pointing Рrushing both her and Tyson into the spot of light as the mountain shadow beside them ominously grew larger and larger. We arrived at a lake just in time for the light to entire disappear behind the range filling the valley with a soft, cold light to watch the final light touch the peaks. A perfect end to a session.

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