Jenn & Tyson
Alberta Farm Wedding

The first thing that comes to mind when I think back to Jenn and Tyson’s wedding is just how much heart the day had. How absolutely thoughtful, gracious, and happy they were.

The sentiments, the emotion, the laughter the fun. It was an intimate day of people who truly adored the two of them. Jenn started the day getting ready at her parents’ house. A candid morning of snapping polaroids, and an oversized stuff fished toy. Her grandmother watched quietly from the side, holding her newest great-grandchild. The first time she saw Jenn on her dress, how her face cracked into a smile. How they embraced. How her closest friends teared up helping with the finishing touches. Jenn’s sense of calm and poise throughout the morning.

Next came the ceremony. The first time they would see each other that day. The anticipation of both of them. The guests watched a slideshow of their history of individuals and a couple before Tyson entered the church. As he made his way to the front you could see the tears well up in his eyes. As the bridesmaids walked down the aisle you could visibly see his excitement that each moment he was closer to seeing Jenn. As the doors opened and Jenn walked down the aisle with his father his lips pursed, and the tears started. How he embraced her when she was beside him. Held her hand. Wiped her tears as they exchanged vows. It was the little things that made it so clear why they were promising to spend the rest of their lives together.

At the reception the simplest gestures meant the grandest things. Every guest sat down to a personalized hand written note from Jenn. Each one unique in it’s thanks for attending and how much it meant for them to be there.  The evening consisted of the sweetest speeches – words of support for the two of them. Encouragement, advice, stories of their pasts. The kissing game had random couples act out what Jenn and Tyson were to do. The most entertaining by far was the cherry stem twister – the only thing more entertaining than the couple challenging it was Jenn and Tyson’s reaction of simultaneous horror and amusement.

After the formal event the guests made their way to the barn’s loft. There, Tyson surprised Jenn with a song. A sweet gesture to round up the evening.

Thank you.

PS. Jenn is a super talented photographer. You must check out her work here.

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3 Replies

  • Jayme Siemens  

    These photos are so beautiful, I would be so grateful if you could tell me where this venue is? thanks!

  • Jenn and Tyson  

    Brittany (and Sam) the photos are beautiful, we love them. Thank you so much for capturing so many wonderful moments. We will cherish these.

  • Len  

    Yeah, you’re all sorts of awesome! Just love the way you see the world, and I’m sure Jenn & Tyson freaking love their photos!