Jana & Ben
Banff Wedding

I first met with Jana and Ben in their city of Vancouver when I was there for a photographer’s conference. It became immediately clear that these two were destined to be together. It was in Prague where they were both studying abroad that they first became acquainted. A Canadian girl, an American boy, a few dates. That time of their life came to a close and they both moved home and completely lost connection.

Several years ago Ben was transferred to Vancouver and figured he may as well contact that Canadian girl from years past, despite not knowing where Ontario was in relation to Vancouver. An email was sent to one of Jana’s previous bosses which finally made its way towards her. In replying however, the email was sent to another B named man of the same last name. A single typo. A typo that was corrected by said stranger who managed to direct it to the correct Ben. Turns out Jana was moving to Vancouver as well. A series of happenstance and meeting and connections.

This all led to their wedding day. Jana had worked in Banff for several years and came to know Reverend George Belcher at St. George’s in the Pines Anglican Church. He insisted that when she was to marry that she was to return to Banff. So she did. It was a lovely ceremony and a momentous one, as Jana and Ben’s ceremony would be the last before Rev. George retired.

Congratulations you two!

Dress | Jasmine . Bouquet |Flowers arranged by Jana . Make-up Artist  and Hairstylist| Jana’s sister Mandye .  Church | St. George’s in the Pines Anglican Church . Venue and Catering | Buffalo Mountain Lodge . Wedding Manager | Chris Fong . Sweets | Wildflour Bakery 

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