Gill Family
Calgary Photography

I have to confess something. I have been neglecting my blog something dreadful. There are weddings to be posted and sneak peeks to be made. I have to confess something else. After being chosen to document peoples’ weddings, families and life events the next best thing to me is blogging. I love it. I love choosing the images that will best tell the story of the day or session. I love being able to press that ‘publish’ button. Blogging is pretty much the definition of therapeutic for me.  So, on that note, the lack of blogging is not on account of boredom but rather the lack of proper time in a day. When and if you come across extra time please some my way. That would be absolutely lovely.

On that note I couldn’t help throwing together this small(esque) blog post at 5:30am. This family makes me smile so much.


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6 Replies

  • Ed M.  

    I am a noob photographer and I am curious what lenses did you use on this shoot?

  • Alyssa Schroeder  

    Aww these are so beautiful! Lovin’ the large family portrait and all the fun faces! I also have total envy over that forest of trees!

  • Heather Nan  

    Oh, Brittany! Why are you not road tripping to my city and taking photos of my family… all this coast stuff, DRIVE INLAND :)

  • ayesha  

    hahahhahahahah omg those little girls are the most awesome little girls ever. THEY ARE SO CUTE. love this shoot! oh, the faces they make…. <3

  • Jacinda  

    Britt can you be any more amazing? These pictures are seriously so amazingly shot.

  • Sam  

    and the award for cutest family ever goes to………the Gills. Such an adorable family and such a killer shoot, I really love it. Amazing amazing work, as usual.