First Looks

I am sitting here editing Susie and Jon’s Slave Lake wedding and I came across these two images I had to share separate from the rest of their post.

Typically I am the sole photographer at weddings. I feel confident I, shooting alone, can capture the moments and tell the story of a couple’s wedding day. That being said I so value first looks. Instead of saving the first time they see each other for the ceremony, more couples are choosing to meet prior to the ceremony and share some precious special moments alone.

Brides and grooms generally request I photograph the reaction of the groom as the bride walks down the aisle – no problem! There is nothing sweeter than photographing a man seeing the lady he adores for the first time the day they promise themselves to each other. I adore how the apprehensive nervous smile becomes a giant grin as they try to hold back tears of overwhelming joy. That being said, depending on the aisle length, I usually have under ten seconds to capture both the reaction of the groom as well as the bride coming up the aisle. Every time I want to capture this moment and do it justice.

I know for myself if I was walking up the aisle the primary thoughts going through my head would be not to land flat on my face – apparently all of my brides are more graceful than I am as I have never witnessed this.  I know I would be overwhelmed with gratitude for all my family and friends who were standing there before me that day, I would probably be taking in all the hard wedding planning work that had all come together, all the time wanting to see the person who stood at the end of the aisle. First looks are a lovely alternative to this traditional wedding moment. Whether it is just the couple, the couple and their bridal party, or the couple and their closest family, a first look can offer such a photographic moment.

Now this isn’t just about first looks. This is specific to Susie and Jon. Susie and Jon first saw each other on the shores of Slave Lake, bottle of champagne in hand, with letters for each other.  There was so much joy and love as they read each others’ letters. I stayed for a short while and then left them be for ten minutes as we prepared for family formals. It was truly a moment I will cherish in my photographic journey.

Something to consider as you plan your wedding.

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6 Replies

  • Kayce  

    I can feel their love through these images! You are so amazing :)

  • Leah  

    yesssss. this is gooooood. I may need to link back to this for future brides and grooms!

  • blake  

    Ugh! Love this! So happy they hired you!

  • Sarah  

    Wow, that is a really special story to go along with these images, it gave me chills a little, beautiful photos and such a beautiful moment for them.