Joy & Joshua

Big news! Joy and Joshua’s balloon filled engagement session was featured on the very well known and awesome wedding blog Green Wedding Shoes. You may see them here! How absolutely cramazing is that? I mean I’m not surprised given how perfectly adorable they are and how much effort they put into their engagement session but still!

Also, I just had to share a handful of additional images taken with film (as I received them a bit too late to include with their original blog post).


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3 Replies

  • ayesha  

    TOTALLY cramazing but not surprising at all :) LOVED that shoot! and i adore the between-the-balloons shots above… absolutely sweet! and you are super awesome!

  • Sam  

    99 white balloons, floating in the summer sky, Panic bells, it’s red alert, There’s something here, from somewhere else, The war machine springs to life. I am totally in love with this couple, her eyes, it’s like truly staring into her soul! Brittany is such a freaking talented artist, her vision and insight into her couple is marvelous. She is like the Chris Angel of photographers!!!