Dori & Brad
Emerald Lake Lodge Wedding

I am so beyond fortunate to have photographed Dori and Brad’s intimate wedding at the gorgeous Emerald Lake Lodge in British Columbia. The Lodge is easily one of my favourite places in the world. A couple could not choose a prettier backdrop than the pristine glacial water, framed on all sides by the Canadian Rocky Mountains, dotted by red canoes. The air is unbelievably fresh.

It was a day of laughs. The joy of Dori’s sisters and mother putting on her dress, Dori’s bright red lipstick rubbing off during their first kiss, Brad’s unexpected splash of at water in the canoe.

Such an amazing day.  Thank you so much for letting me document it.

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30 Replies

  • ernest allarie  

    I’ve never encountered a body of work that makes me question my approach to weddings as profoundly as your has.

  • Claudine  

    This is the most perfect session! Glad to have found an amazing Alberta photographer!

  • caroline  

    Holy crap, Brittany. The scenery, the emotions, the first look…all of it…just insanely beautiful.

  • ken kienow  

    just slow-scrolled this post for the second time. real slow. you’re one of my faves.

  • Paul Krol  

    So amazing. I would have loved to shoot at such an amazing location and you did a great job. Wow…those shots with that awesome turqoise water and the red canoe! Great job!

  • Eliza  

    Wow. So beautiful. Those portraits don’t even look like they’re real, they’re so good. Pure perfection.

  • Erica  

    Holy wow! The only thing that outshines that location is your photography Brittany! Like Jess, there were too many favourites to keep count.

  • Jessica Schilling  

    I very quickly lost track of favorites because there were just too many. But for starters the groom holding the bride’s shoes on the bridge is just perfect. And the canoe looks awesome!

  • Andy gaines  

    Wow! Love your storytelling – really amazing! And i’ve seen worse locations – epic!

  • Caryn Canatella  

    Holy geez! These are amazing. It’s just gorgeousness gorgeousness gorgeousness and then the pop of red with the canoe?! That just tipped it over the top and I died.

  • Kevin Foley  

    Awesome. Love your environmental details, those B&W tilt/shifts and the style of this wedding. Poor Elmo though!

  • Ashley Tyler  

    The butterfly on the daisy during the ceremony pretty much stopped my heart. And there is not one of the bride not smiling or boiled over in laughter. I am so in love with this post.

  • Elissa  

    My heart hurts looking at these… knowing that I will never be this good. Holy effin’ eff. This is absolutely beautiful.

  • nathan  

    wow. wow. wow. wow. wow. That’s all I could say as I scrolled through. So gorgeous.

  • Carmyn Joy  

    HOOOOOWWWWW, BRIIITT? I think you have supernatural powers. This is absolutely incredible.

  • Rachel Boekel  

    This is one of my favorite weddings I have seen in a very looonnnggg time. I think often how thankful I am that you were there for our wedding. You have an incredible gift!

  • Stephanie  

    …Brittany….I’m speechless. You are incredible. I can’t even begin to describe how beautiful these images are…loved every single one of them!!