Life has been treating me far too kindly lately.

Events of this past week have taught me that taking the risk of stepping outside your circle of comfort can be so rewarding. Failure may hurt. But it is always worth the risk.

Despite being a film enthusiast, all of my professional work is digital. I shoot, develop and print my own black and white but have never taken it beyond that. I decided to take the chance however in Vegas to shoot only film. I’m so glad I did.

Here are some of the results. There will be more to come. Taken with amazing photographers who I have the fortune of calling my friends.

Isn’t Elyse just stunning?

Love to hear from you!

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22 Replies

  • makena  

    oh my goodness. these are all stunning. love love love them.

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  • Caitlin  

    UM JEALOUS. Your film shots look uhhhmaazinggg. Tell me your secret!! xoxo

  • julie  

    sooo amazing. LOVE every single one. These are all film? You are one crazy talent. Drooling.

  • pen  

    There is definitely a magic in film that is incomparable.
    This is a stunning shoot. I particularly love the B&W portrait. Stunning.

  • ShariLee  

    so lovely and dreamy! There is nothing like photos captured by film…I really need to get back into it! Each and every photo you take Brittany has so much life…I’m a big fan :)

  • Jeremy  

    Awesome work! Really nice!

    Recently I had a shoot and a choice between digital and film. My unwillingness to take a risk had me play it safe with my digital body. Seeing these images has me kicking myself even more.

    Way to go Brittany. Nice risk, nice reward. You’re an inspiration!

  • Amber Hughes  

    Oh.. these are just beautiful Brit! I love the dreamy look of the film and that amazing flare. They make my heart squeeze! :)

  • Yan  

    Just amazing. the stars and your talent aligned for this one.

  • Leo Druker  

    These are amazingly good, but you and I both know I don’t need to tell you that. Seriously awesome.

  • Blair  

    Ugh!!! I melt. These are gorgeous! I love the black and white of her face! So perfect!

  • Luis Godinez  

    You are so money and you don’t even know it. I love the pictures. I think it was worth an extra day ;)

  • Natalie  

    I just want to say that her outfit is adorable and these photos are stunning!