Elissa & Walt
Anniversary Session

This session is all about spontaneity. Planned the night before. Borrowed gear. Day of scouting. Using just the last hour of light. Another anniversary session for the lovely Elissa and Walt.

Every year they have a photo shoot to mark their anniversary. This year they missed it by a bit. People were busy. I happened to be in town. So we threw it together and all I have to say is Elissa and Walt brought it in spades. Her sparkly dress and dark lipstick contrasting and complimenting the industrial backdrop.

As I just finished editing it was touching on midnight. So of course I decided to put together this blog post on a whim. A little showcase of that last minute day.

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2 Replies

  • Elissa  

    I looooove themmm. Thank you so much for doing this session out of the blue with zero notice! We appreciate it so much!!