A Backyard Wedding
Black & White

I had the absolute pleasure of seconding for the ridiculously talented Kyle Hepp earlier this year at a wedding that still makes my heart so happy. Held on the family farm, on a drizzly rainy day, their closest family and friends by their sides. What more does a wedding need then that?

I am also happy to announce I will soon be offering a black and white wedding photography package – black and white images are something I am very passionate about on account of their ability to convey a story and emotion in such a unique way.

 Enjoy and Happy New Year! May 2013 be amazing!

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10 Replies

  • Darren Roberts Photography  

    Love the full BW post!!! Did the couple want the entire wedding in BW or was that just for the post? I’d love to shoot an entire weeding in BW!!!

  • Amy Russell  

    Beautiful work, Brittany! Can’t wait to hear more about your B&W packages. How fabulous!

  • Len  

    These are just absolutely stunning. I feel like I’ve gotten to see a snippet of these people’s lives and their wedding day. It feels so intimate and wonderful.

  • Kyle  

    OH MY GOD, your story telling abilities have reached new heights. I LOVE seeing your perspective on this!!! Unbelievable!

  • Taylor Roades  

    Brittany your work is stunning and it is incredible you are offering black and white packages soon. So excited for you and 2013!

  • Kirstie  

    These are absolutely stunning!! It’s hard to tell what time period they are from. They are quiet and beautiful images.