Dear Couples
A Letter

Dear couples,

I am truly beyond honoured you considered me to photograph your wedding. Some call it the most important day of your life but I truly believe it’s a marker for an even more important exciting time of your life. There will be days that exceed it in importance as you experience new things for the first time together, struggle through difficulties together, and learn to have a greater understanding about love, together.  I am delighted to be chosen out of the talent that surrounds me in Alberta, and there is an astounding amount, to document your day.

I realize that you have chosen me as a photographer because you value being able to look at these images in years to come. I realize that your wedding without me there would be just as amazing (although I promise to try to add just a touch more amazingness and hopefully some reassuring words or tips here and there). At the end of the day the two of you and an officiant are all that are needed. Most will prioritize their closest family and friend’s soon after that, maybe followed by delicious food and drinks, or a beautiful dress, or never before seen details that will make the wedding blogs come running. At the end of the day though I want you to know that I love what I do because it is two people who are promising to love each other dearly for the rest of their lives.

I will want to learn pretty much everything about you two as a couple. I will adore you as a couple regardless of the amount of details at your wedding.  I will give you my honest opinion on which earring suits the dress better. I will probably laugh ridiculously hard at the best man’s speech. I will get choked up when you whisper to your father at the end of the aisle “I love you Daddy” and I am one of the few close enough to hear.

If nothing else I want to document you celebrating your wedding day together honestly and unobtrusively.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to document your wedding.


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