Danielle & Jamie
Waterton Wedding

I really do not think I could have started off this year of weddings with a couple surrounded by so much love. Danielle and Jamie were married in the United Church in Waterton Lakes National Park and celebrated at the Bayshore Inn.

I arrived the day before and took in the spectacular sights. Talked with some of the locals about the moose that was just spotted down the road, wandered down random back roads, admired the lack of wind. Saturday morning however at around 6:45 the wind began to shake the trees outside of the hotel. Oh how it blew – never have I experienced anything quite like that.

The day was so delightful. From the story of the 19th century Bible Jamie’s parents bought for them from the States, the best man stepping in to tie the groom’s tie, walking to the church while becoming the tourists’ newest wildlife shot, the absolute indifference of Danielle when her dress ripped on an air vent, to the horse riders ambling behind the wedding party during photos.

Danielle and Jamie, thank you so much for letting me document your wedding day.

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27 Replies

  • isaacoomber  

    Amazing photos! What a beautiful place. Waterton National Park is a wonderful area to have a wedding or vacation.

  • matt  

    Can I borrow your eyes for a while. I mean have. Because if I get them, I’m not giving them back. These are beyond great, as are you.

  • bryan  

    you are scaring the shit out of me with those first few detail shots. the look INCREDIBLE though. awesome work all around.

  • Kim  

    Holy CRAP this is an amazing set of photos! I can’t tell what I love more, your portraits of the bride and groom, or the downright awesome storytelling.

  • Sam Gibson  

    How have I not looked at your work before? I loved this. Absolutely gorgeous images. Lovely low key light at the start… amazing atmosphere and tones. Really fantastic.

  • Paul Krol  

    superb photojournalistic wedding photography displayed here. Lovely edited photos and some really epic portraits and shots in general. Well done!

  • Paul Fuller  

    Absolutely stunning, you’ve gone straight into my favourites! the close up shot of the bride through her vail just stopped me in my tracks

  • Nikki  

    Wow Brittany what a stunning wedding. Your sensitive/intimate touch has done full justice to this wedding and it’s location. Sooo good.

  • Joseph  

    It’s really hard for me to say what I need to. It simply looked like an amazing day. congratulations.

  • Jason  

    Loving how you preface some of your shots – starting simple, building up to bigger things. Great storytelling. Also love your portraits – presented with a stunning location and you killed it!

  • Mercedes  

    I love the dress shots. I love the shots of her alone. I love the shots of the two of them. Bah…I love this wedding!

  • Sophia  

    These are sooooooooo lovely, I can feel the love and joy. Who are those 2 rascal boys chasing each other and throwing their shoes? :)

  • Teresa K  

    GORGEOUS wedding Brittany….I love the way you worked that wind too…there’s just so much goodness in this post!!

  • Anni  

    What a stunning wedding! Beautiful work, I especially love the portraits.

  • Elissa  

    So beautiful. I know we’ve seen it before, but the set of “dress blowing in the wind” is still my favorite :)