Dayna + Matthew
Cathedral Mountain Elopement

Two jiffies. Let’s have a brief chat about black and white, and colour images. Much to peoples surprise, I actually deliver nearly all images in colour and then a selection in black and white – but dangit I just love monotone images so dang much. There is something about how they portray emotion, how light and shadow is all the more powerful, how timeless they are. That’s why I show most of my work in black and white. So, for those curious, now you know.

Now to these two. These two people who eloped at Cathedral Mountain Lodge, nestled between Mount Stephen and the Kicking Horse River. These two who chose a time when summer was on the cusp of becoming autumn. The water from the nearby glacier had lessened, the leaves just began to take on their golden hues, the flurry of warmer months was giving way to a more reflective season. That is when these two eloped.

In their cabin they prepared together. Their shared handwritten vows from the night before as the sentiments were the same. As Matthew prepared to leave before the final preparations his hand brushed into the cake her mother had made for them to enjoy that evening – after assessing the minimal damage they shared one last kiss.

After meandering to a spot they had found the ceremony started with a letter. As they listened to the readings I became ever so slightly distracted by the spider that was determinedly making it’s way up Dayna’s dress – as the vows were being pulled out we waved him away hoping he would find some other place to occupy his time. They held hands, her grandmother’s ring on her pinky finger, and read the promises they had for each other. As they exchanged rings the spider appeared once more, just in time to make it’s debut for the kiss. (I’m also hoping everyone just scrolls back and looks at that series again)

They took in the beauty of Yoho, the white Kicking Horse, the towering peaks, the glaciers crawling up the rocks, the water cascading down from those very glaciers. Then they returned to their cabin for the cake with the finger sized indentation.

Venue | Cathedral Mountain Lodge in Yoho National Park . Hair and Makeup | Simply Me in Canmore . Florals | Flowers by Janie . Dress | Daarlana Couture from Pearl and Dot

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