Although I only photograph one or two births a year, every time I feel so humbled to have been asked to share in such an intimate and pinnacle moment in their lives. Seeing Kaihla and Mark welcome their first child into their home especially so.

Births allow me to do what I love most of all – simply photograph. There is nothing for me to say, or do, or change, I am there as a witness as a visual scribe as two become more. To capture a connection between them during the simultaneously most vulnerable and strongest moment. To watch the inevitable progression through birth. What I most remember about this day was how he moved through each phase with her seamlessly in a way I have not seen before. The lulls being full of preparation and daily routine, the contractions a reliance on each other. How two people can know each others needs without speaking. That is the beauty of it all.

I am not exactly sure how to share this. Yet every birth there seems to be two types of connection between the parents and the babe. The mother’s seems to be one of knowing kindredship, a long awaited embrace before continuing the journey they have already started together. The father’s of stark wonderment and marvel. An adoration that leaves them in a trance of joy, otherwise unattainable.

There truly is nothing that reminds one more of their own humanity then seeing a new life join the world.

You can read Kaihla’s story of welcoming Birdy here.

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