Paige & Andrew
Canadian Mountain Engagement

I have had some time to think about what I would write about these images. And I still have no idea. Our history, their history, the people, the session.  Where to start.

I have known Paige and Andrew since we were children. We attended the same elementary school in Calgary, so we have seen each other through awkward drama classes, talent shows, lunch break games, band class shenanigans. From awkwardly dressed children to even more awkward gangly teenagers, of which I hope we do not speak (right?). After Grade 9 graduation we went our separate ways. Paige and I would reconnect through our university days in the administration atrium among plants that had no business in Calgary and oversized Greek scholar statues.  We talked about our studies, our travels, the people in our lives and then would do it again half a year later. So when their relationship came to light I could hardly hide my surprise and excitement. For there are not more kind-hearted well-meaning people who deserve each other. They are both musical and creatively gifted. Paige runs an etsy store of handknit and embroidered wares, curates a blog, and has the most delightful of instagram feeds .

Not more than a month after Sam and I were engaged Paige and Andrew came over for a visit. We played crokinole and told stories. There may have been some good natured chiding of when their engagement was to happen, complete with a shrug and a smile as I sent them off on their day. Turns out the entire time Andrew had the ring in his pocket. They hiked up on a winterish day up to Grassi Lakes, where as the story goes Andrew lured Paige into a cave with promise of food and proposed to her instead. For serious; these two.

This past fall the three of us piled into my car early in the morning with a cup of tea and my dog for a road trip, moose sighting and a hike (a year-ish since they got engaged because Sam and I are likewise life procrastinators and equally enjoying our absurdly long engagement). I truly cannot tell the tail of the venture as well as Paige did here, but we ended up venturing up to the most majestic of meadows among the Rocky Mountains and glaciers. There were exclamations among of us reaching Middle Earth and Skyrim. The warm morning sunlight turned to cool mountain shadows as we made our ascent. The wind blew strongly, keeping our stay at the top to all that we could bare. Andrew managed to sprint to the top of a far off knoll as Paige contributed to the traveler’s rock pile. Schroeder offered snuggles at any chance, photobombing the session a handful of times. And then we retreated back down to our car. Their session was a bit more of a personal shoot for me. A time to explore creatively and to go to a place many couples wouldn’t consider. I am hoping this year will be full of adventureful couples who want to explore the less known reaches of the mountains.

Hairpin turns was the trail. Back and forth. Just as we rounded one below the treeline there was a massive snort. Andrew exclaimed it sounded like an airplane. My first thought was it sounded like a bike gaining air. Paige happily hiking along unaware. Then it hit me. Not too far from us was a bear. We warily kept our pace, rose our voices and dreaded the next turn that would bring us back closer to the sound. But no bear was to be seen and for that I am thankful.

And those were our ventures. A mountaintop day on the cusp of winter with two of my favourite people.

Mountain river bottom engagement session in Banff, Canada
Andrew and Paige being their ridiculously wonderful selves
Mountain meadow in morning light in Banff National Park
Paige and Andrew's mountain meadow engagement session in the Canadian Rocky Mountains
Hiking in Banff National Park alongside the Icefields Parkway
Couples session in the Rocky Mountains of Canada
Rock monument on a trail in Banff National Park Canada near the Athabasca Glacier
Adventureful engagement session in Banff National Park in western Canada
A glacier backdrop for a Banff engagement session in the fall
Couple in the Canadian Rocky Mountains on top of a mountain
Paige and Andrew's mountain hike engagement photography session in the Canadian Rocky Mountains
Mountain meadow engagement session in Banff National Park
Couples photography on a mountain top meadow in Banff

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  • Taylor  

    This is beautiful! What trail , might I ask?

  • Pema  

    So beautiful , mind blowing pictures.. and they look so good, very romantic… I love it so much…