Karen & Greg
Black & White Wedding Photography

Karen and Greg are one of those amazing couples that so obviously belong together. The joy in each others’ presence and the delight of the two families as they came together to enjoy their marriage was amazing to witness. I loved how the day was focused on the two of them. It was a Friday in July luncheon wedding on the lawns of The Ranche in Fish Creek Park. It was simply sweet.

There was so much laughter as the girls got ready.  A bridesmaid dress that just would not sit properly, makeup that had not been opened since it’s trial, uncertainty of what pair of shoes to wear. The ceremony time approached slowly as the details came into place. Pastor Ray Matheson shared the couple’s story until that day. It was obvious just how wonderful of people they were individually and just how amazing they were together. Truly, my heart swells when I remember how the afternoon passed with family and friend’s showing support for Karen and Greg.

Later that evening we met in Priddis for portraits with Karen’s horse Stormy. No words can quite encompass that one hour.

You may notice something a bit different about this post. Karen first contacted me a couple months prior to their wedding asking if I could take portraits sometime on their wedding day for them to remember it by.  It seemed like the perfect opportunity.  For quite some time now I have been inspired to photograph a wedding in its entirety in black and white, entirely documentary. I wanted more than anything to be able to do this for a couple who would appreciate the photography. It could not have happened more perfectly.

Black and white images are a passion of mine.  To me they invoke so much greater an emotional response. When the colour element is removed, the shape, the light and shadows, the lines all become so much greater of supporting characters in the frame. I am beyond delighted to share this post.

I would embrace the opportunity in the future to photograph a wedding in black and white. If this is something you may be interested please contact me and I would be happy to talk with you about it.

Thank you for looking. I would love to hear from you in the comments.

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24 Replies

  • Steph K  

    The second last one………….can’t stop looking at it. Beautiful work Brittany!

  • Carol Rosa  

    oh my! stunning pictures! great composition and beautiful b&w!!
    congratulations for your work, I just get to know it and for sure I’m going to follow!

  • Amber Hughes  

    You’re so freaking amazing Brittany! Seriously, the way you capture real moments always leaves me amazed. I loved everything about this wedding… and then I got to the horses and it went up to 11. Just amazing.

  • Joseph  

    Even the picture of the bouquet is amazing.
    Very very good images.
    Congratulations Karen and Greg, you both look amazing

  • bryan  

    these are insanely good. INSANELY. amazing work all around. and love the all black and white choice :)

  • Brian Kraft  

    Wow, I just love these. Your attention to detail is fantastic. And the later ones with the horse- incredible!

  • Nora  

    Wow these images are just beautiful!! You did an amazing job of telling their story.

  • Leah  

    these.are.AMAAAAAAAZING! seriously love all of em and I don’t normally even prefer b&w! oh and side note, love the brides dress. :o)

  • Kat Braman  

    spectacular Brittany! I would love to do this as well. You told their story perfectly.

  • Jacinda  

    oh my god… the 2nd picture from the bottom…. STUNNING. Took my breath away.
    I can’t wait for my turn with you this weekend!

  • Ashley Tyler  

    This whole set is award winning – I can’t get over the quality and perfect balance of your black and white photos. These images are life changing Britt. XOXO