Birth of Ezra
Calgary Childbirth Photography

Last week I had the unique and amazing experience of being present when little Ezra Willis came into the world at 5:06am Monday, March 8. Chelsey (a ridiculously talented local photographer) had asked me earlier in her pregnancy if I would be able to document this important moment in their family’s life – of course I agreed!

So her due date came and went.  The Canadian men’s hockey team nearly gave the entire country a heart attack at the end of the third period (I emailed her at this point and asked her if she had an Olympics-induced-labour… as I was barely clinging to the edge of my seat and yelling at a television in an otherwise empty house). Yet still, he had decided the time was not quite right. So, together Chelsey, her husband and their daughter waited and I went about life with my phone attached to my hip and jumped each time it would so much as buzz.

Then Monday came. At 3:35am, I received the text.  Off I went to the Foothills hospital.

Odd how a 40 minute drive during the day becomes 26 minutes – when the only thing playing on the radio is Pink Floyd and Journey.  (A disclaimer. I didn’t speed… at least not enough to be pulled over by the two cops along the way despite having a headlight burnt out. Just so you don’t think too much less of me :D).

I have tried writing this part about twelve times now and most sincerely am not able to express that morning in words.When going through these images I laughed, and at times nearly cried at the tenderness shared between Chelsey and Peter.  As cliche as it may be, I believe the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words’ is perfect.

I will allow the images to speak for themselves.

Thank you Chelsey and family for honouring me with the opportunity to be a part of Ezra’s birth day.

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38 Replies

  • Bethany  

    Don’t know how I missed this post before, just incredible!

  • ayesha  

    oh brittany. i love you. and your pictures. you know if they made chris have a *heartmelt* they must be amazing! :) such a simple and beautiful story… thanks so much for sharing!

  • Alyssa Schroeder  

    Wow, such powerful images Brittany! You did an incredible job at documenting this event, they will treasure these forever.

  • April  

    Wow! Those are the best birth photography photos I’ve seen in a LONG time! They are going to be so pleased!

  • Kim Bye  

    Just looked at the pictures again. I really like them! I love the one with Peter giving you the drink of water and the one of him holding Ezra and smiling…that’s pretty sweet. I have trouble looking at the one of you with so much pain on your face, but I so love how she captured all of it…the pain, the love, the caring, the blessing, and all so tastefully.

  • Kim Bye  

    amazing photo’s of an amazing event! All memories caught in such an artistic way of expression. I so love all of them Chels!! I absolutely love the first one, as it shows life continuing on as life does, with your special moment highlighted overall. I love all that this picture tells us and I think it’s brilliant!! Wow!! All of the others are perfect shots of what is happening, don’t even need captions. I think she did an outstanding job of capturing such a outstanding frame of time! I love her work!! Exceptional job!! A+… And I love you!!! Great job dear sweet girl! A+

  • Trista Kuntz  

    These were stunning – totally stunning.

  • Ryan Brenizer  

    Wonderful storytelling, they are going to treasure these forever. You hit this one out of the park.

  • Lynette J  

    Brittany I must say I am just floored!!! This is so beautiful and you captured it in a way that I had never imagined birth photography could be. The black and white conversions are gorgeous and that little (big) guy is soooooo cute!! Truly inspiring. Amazing work.

  • Teresa K  

    What a wonderful event to photograph…

    I love the baby’s little tounge sticking out…and how special that you captured some details that others may have forgotten…

  • Kyle  

    That is such a cool thing to photograph. They now have documented an amazing part of their lives of which most people have nothing but memories. Why am I not surprised a fellow photog asked you to do this? :)

  • Kirstin  

    Wow! I know Chelsey & Peter and this was amazing to see as we miss them dearly here in Victoria! Do you know anyone in Victoria that does work like this?

  • Jessica Horton  

    wow…. I can only dream to have the priviledge of documenting a birth like that!
    These are simply stunning, and heart gripping!

  • Anna  

    next tearing up photographer…beautiful capture Brittany! great and emotional reportage.

  • Jessica Zais  

    Aw, wow. You totally made me tear up! You didn’t miss a single special detail and captured so many different perspectives of the event. Each photo said something. So beautiful!

  • Leah Wood  

    Wow, Brittany. All I can say is amazing job. The parent must be over the moon with these pictures. I can’t believe the picture of baby and over the Nurses should. You can really see in that picture the size of him. I love his chubby cheeks. I wished you could have document my births.

  • John McDonald  

    These shots are absolutely fantastic. I love the attention to detail… especially the clock. I would have never thought about taking a picture of the clock, as to what time the baby was born!

  • Milena Dekic  

    Absolutely beautiful Brit. I actually cried while looking at them. You really are amazing and and so is Chelsey for delivering an over 10lb bub. Also, congratulations to Chelsey and Peter on their incredibly adorable bub Ezra.

  • Shannon  

    Oh Brittany! I so wish I had you there with me when I did the birth thing for the 3rd (and final!!) time 6.5 months ago. This is beautifully done. I love the empty bed, and uneaten toast shots – as well as the ones with people in them! lol.

  • Virginia Holst  

    Brittany, I love these, wow you are dedicated lady! Now I want this next time I have a baby, I know who to call!

  • Anna Michalska  

    Brit, this is stunning. Fantastic work :) I might have to keep you in mind for one of these days, hah.

  • David Redding  

    Awesome stuff! I just love work like this, like a window into a strangers lives….without the chance of getting arrested ;-)

  • Stefano Choi  

    Wow, thanks for sharing that. I just experienced all the feelings and emotions from my own child’s birth through these images. I am sure the new parents will be thrilled to have these.

  • Christiana  

    I love this! You should do more middle of the night childbirth shoots.