Blake Emmerson

I had my heart absolutely melted by this little girl earlier this week. With her little coos and thick hair, her eyes just taking it all in. She is so fortunate to be born into a family that treasures and adores her oh so dearly.

Months ago her mum, a friend of mine, had contacted me about photographing her birth. That was the plan at least. Last Friday in the evening I received a call that she may be on her way the next day. My bags were packed I was good to go. At 2:10am a text came in – I should head into town immediately. So off I went. Twenty-three minutes later she had arrived. Everyone was exhausted so I headed home waiting to see her until the next day. It allowed me a night drive, to take in the barely visible silhouetted mountains with the remaining light in the sky spanning dusk to dawn on the longest day of the year.

At ten hours old I documented their family. Those quiet, simple moments. The wonderment of her big brother.


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