Blair & Enoch
Intimate Invermere Wedding

Sometimes you meet people who you just connect with. Whether it be having the same sense of humour, similar life experiences, corresponding interests, or just a mutual understanding. Blair and Enoch, for whatever of those reasons, are those people. They simply feel like friends.

The first time we met for their engagement session we ventured to Blair’s grandparent’s property north west of Calgary lamenting curly hair, discovering we had mutual friends, and the likes. Despite how marvellous that day was we may have gotten the car stuck in a snow bank. And by stuck I mean completely swallowed in snow, spinning of tires, type of stuck. I doubt there is a better way to bond with people than allocating someone to attempt to contact a towing company with sketchy cell reception and troubleshooting the best way to simultaneously dig and drive out of there. After much time, a great deal of pushing, shovelling and the likes we managed to get the car out, just as the sun was setting. So naturally we headed off for food. As one does. And that was my first time meeting Blair and Enoch.

Their wedding was one that brings a smile to my face. Perhaps because it strikes a chord with how Sam and I hope ours will be. A day of those closest to them. A quaint space of significant meaning in the waterside town of Windermere in a church that was stolen (I’m entirely serious. I’d recommend reading the story of it). Tears from laughing. The absolute elation when Enoch first saw Blair. How tightly her father held her hand. The subtleness of moments such as being pronounced man and wife – Blair’s bouquet held high in jubilation with Enoch more reservedly pumping his fist. A stolen kiss back down the aisle. How they compliment each other so perfectly.

Congratulations you two wonderful people.

Ceremony | St. Peter’s Church in Windermere, British Columbia . Reception | Strand’s Old House Restaurant in Invermere, British Columbia . Second shooter | Sam . Dress | Ivy and Aster . Flowers | Amborella Floral Studio in Calgary . Make-up Artist | Leigha at Fusion Wellness Spa . Hairstylist | Kimberly at Fusion Wellness Spa . Cake | The Cake Box in Fairmont

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2 Replies

  • Annie  

    I love the way you find all those tiny little things that mean so much!

  • Elissa  

    All of the little moments… and the way he’s holding her dress strings as they’re walking during their portrait bit… I die. I die. SO GOOD.