Mel & Mike
Australia Destination Wedding

I have a bit of a soft spot for relationships that started by the chance meeting of two people. A partnership built on long distance between two countries. Moves by both. A proposal with a painting in place of a ring. A couple completely excited to celebrate. A day that was thrilling from start to finish.

I absolutely adored how Mel and Mike prepared for the wedding in the same house near the docks. Somehow a house full of close family and friends makes for the most relaxed morning. Sharing in the little moments, finalizing last minute details, calculating the cake dimensions. Once the dress was on, Mike and his groomspeople made their way down to the water taxi to head over to Watson Bay. A random jaunt of well dressed people contrasted with the passing beach of sunbathers.

At Watson Bay they met guests waiting for the boat to arrive for the harbour ceremony. A collection of wonderful people from across Australia, Canada and South Africa. A Commonwealth hodgepodge of accents, experiences and connections to both Mike and Mel. As everyone loaded onto the boat I went upstairs to find Mel casually sitting on the ground sipping some champagne to keep out of sight of the guests and Mike. Mel shared some moments with her father and bridespeople as the boat made its way to have a backdrop of the opera house and bridge.

Down below people arranged themselves to form an aisle. Her brother’s began to play. To see the absolute joy on everyone’s face as she came down the stairs on her father’s arm towards Mike was just so heartwarming. A last embrace, followed by the boat rocking in waves. Nervous laughs and on with the ceremony. The ceremony was officiated by Mel’s close friend – a testament of her good heart, and how deserving both of them were for each other. Laughs, held back tears a kiss interrupted by her father jokingly. I cannot even express how happy it made me to see how they looked at each other when signing the registry. The glances and a fist bump to celebrate. There were little cheers that grew as they were announced husband and wife that grew as they made their way back down the aisle.

After an enjoyable tour of the harbour, full of hors d’oeuvres and champagne, exclamations of “I can’t decide if I have had too much to drink or the boat is rocking.”, people introducing themselves and hugs, we returned to Vaucluse Yacht Club to celebrate. The humble boat house was completely transformed by Owl and Pussycat Events with subtle detailing, gorgeous florals, charming array of chairs, and the final Indian food preparations. Speeches attested to how ecstatic everyone was to share in this day.

The rest of the evening attested to their relationship. An evening of dancing and ping pong.

Thank you so much for having me Mel and Mike.

Ceremony | Aboard the Rosman Ferry in the harbour . Reception | Vaucluse Yacht Club . Catering | Nigril’s Restaurant . Getting Ready  | House from airbnb .  Dress | Custom dress from Skankihoo Designs in Fremantle . Wedding Planning, Styling and Flowers | Owl and Pussycat Events in Wollongong . Hairstylist | Bella Vita in Sydney .  Cake | Mel and decorated by friends

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