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There is something about film. When I first started photography my father handed me his 1972 Pentax, taught me how to load the film, and off I went.

It wasn’t until last year that I took a darkroom course over the summer at the University. Needless to say I instantly fell in love. This past week I finally broke and bought myself the chemicals and equipment needed to do it in my own basement.  There is nothing that can quite compare with preparing the chemicals, loading the film in a pitch black room, and that moment of pulling the film out just hoping that you see those dark squares.

This past week I walked around the University of Calgary campus for 2 hours between classes with my Kodak Duaflex IV, which I picked up in an antique shop in the quaint Ontario town of Harrow. Here are the results of the 12 roll film.

Now, I don’t want to get all mushy here, but I just need to do a shout out. Take pictures people! I mean it! Get out there with your point and shoots and just document life.  Today I was trying to find an image my father took when he was in grade 11 to accompany this post.  Being the nerd that he was he set up in his basement a system in which a hammer would fall on a lightbulb, smashing it, which would trigger a flash and the camera. Follow? It turned out quite brilliantly I must say. Shame I can’t find it. But, I did find this small treasure and thought I might as well share. Just think about what people will say about the images you take today in 30 years.

Here is my father after packing the 1960-something Chevy truck to head off to the University of Western Ontario in 1975. He’s the short fella. I secretly wish we still had that truck.

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