Amber & Bryn
Vancouver Couple Session

I count myself so fortunate to photograph couples so in love. Amber and Bryn have been married for a few years now but it makes my heart swell with happiness to see they are as infatuated with each other as a new couple – actually, more than that.  They are truly meant for each other in every way. They are a couple so comfortable and connected to each other. I hope the images reflect that.

Amber is a Vancouver based photographer who does absolutely amazing work that you can see here. As you can imagine being asked to photograph them had me both thrilled and terrified. To do the amazingness of their relationship justice was such a fear. I can say with confidence I have never photographed a couple who knew what to do in front of the camera so well. Literally the first five minutes I don’t think I said I word. I just photographed. Fortunate right?

Amber and Bryn, thank you so much. Enjoy.

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  • Emily  


  • Tim Sondrup  

    Speechless. I especially love that forest shot, peeking through the trees. You’re easily one of my favorite photographers! You have a great eye for composition.

  • Kirstie  

    This is my new favourite session of yours!! I love everything about it. Their connection, her awesome style (those tights! that sweater!) your mastery of the tilt shift. Most of all I love how at ease these photos feel, they are beautiful images without feeling forced. You are incredibly talented Brittany!! After seeing these I need to work up the courage to have you photograph my wee family because you capture people in amazing ways.

  • Dennis Pike  

    oh my god. Awesome overload. There is just way too much awesome going on here for one blog post.

  • Lauren  

    So freaking gorgeous Brittany, and Amber, you and Bryn…. SMOKING! that’s all I got to say :)

  • Elissa  

    Brit, you are way way talented, and Amber and Bryn look sooo goooood.

  • ayesha  

    seriously. i’m just gonna bookmark this and come back to it every time i need warm fuzzies :) amber and bryn together make me feel melty!! and the awesomeness of you shooting them brittany!! le sigh.

  • Shari  

    LOVE these, Brittany! Oh and Amber you look like a Super Hot Mamma, Lady!

  • James Bitz  

    This set is amazing!
    It helps that you have such awesome people to work with as well. Amber rocks!

  • Lara  

    So amazing, Brittany! I’m totally jealous of your talent. And they are really adorable together.

  • Amber Hughes  

    Thank you SO much for these Brittany – you captured our connection perfectly. I already know I’m going to cherish these forever :)