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As you may now know from my 20 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me post, I collect old cameras, fix them up, and put a few rolls through them. My newest find is a Braun Super II, picked up in an antique shop in High River for the shocking price of $24.36. Made in the mid-1950s in Nurnberg, Germany the Braun line is simple, but well made. To be honest I was absolutely shocked at the quality of the results. This just goes to show you that you don’t need a high priced SLR to take decent photos. Here are some images from the first roll put through this little workhorse and developed in my basement.

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6 Replies

  • chelsey  

    so great! i love doing this sort of thing (shooting old towns); though i haven’t shot with an old camera in a long time!

  • Marcy Jordan  

    These are great! I especially love the last one. I also collect old cameras, but have no clue how to restore them to working order. These photos make me want to learn!

  • ayesha  

    umm…. tres cool!!! soo… when you’re developing yourself, are you using any filters? burning, dodging? i haven’t been in a darkroom in 12 years, egads. i never messed with filters but i did burn and dodge a bit. just wondering if you end up doing any “post processing” so to speak, with your film images, too… the wide image of the car’s interior for some reason reminds me of some of your digital B&W processing :)
    thanks for sharing, and inspiring!

  • gabe aceves  

    brittany these are super awesome. theres a nostalgia here that you just cant duplicate. beautiful.

  • David Redding  

    So good! Thats the good thing about film and old cameras, there is little to go wrong with them so they last forever and the quality of the image is largely in the film and lens.

    Awesome work