Susie & Jon
Slave Lake Camp Wedding

Susie and Jon are one of those couples you just want to become best friends with after meeting them. Their wedding was in every way a celebration. Family and friends came together to hand make every detail with love.

They were married on the shores of Slave Lake at Jon’s family cabin. Located five hours from Edmonton, seemingly separated from humanity, nestled on a point on the far reaches of the lake.  I first met Susie and Jon the night before their wedding as they played horseshoes with their guests prior to taking cover from a torrential downpour that swept in from the prairies. That was the start to such an amazing weekend.

As the girls prepared in the morning they took the time to share how much they meant to each other. Tears began flowing and exclamations of “Why do you cry when your so happy?” were said. Susie gifted each of her bridesmaids, mother and sisters, a handkerchief, each hand embroider, and a letter. Throughout the day more love and gratefulness was shared. It makes my heart so happy.

The absolute delight when Susie and Jon saw each other for the first time ready to walk down the aisle was so memorable. They read letters to each other, drank some champagne, and spent some time alone. Family photos were an absolute ball – particularly when their niece exclaimed ‘dog poop!’ rather than the typical ‘cheese’, the ring bearer acted the absolute charmer to the bridesmaid, and Jon’s family dog seemed not so impressed from the amount of attention.

In Alberta a beach wedding is definitely a rarity. Bare feet the wedding party came down the aisle. Under the hot summer sun they laughed and cried, told each other why they were the most special person to them, and promised to love each other.

Shortly after we were whisked away in Jon’s family helicopter by his brother and sister-in-law for a few quick photos in a canola field.  I will declare that is an experience I will probably bring up more often then people will like, because it brings such a smile to my face. As it started to rain we found a leak – directly over Susie, moments later the other door popped open mid-flight, which Jon expertly shut. There is something so surreal to be flying above a landscape hardly touched.

Later that evening Susie and Jon wished to release paper lanterns – likely another experience I am bound to bring up more often than I should. The instructions indicated that the lanterns should pull away from the bearers hands shortly after being lit, so we waited, and waited. Nothing. As the pressure wavered one lantern caught fire and was quickly extinguished. The second lantern began to lift away until it started floating directly horizontal towards a stand of trees – by this time a small group of onlookers had accumulated. Never before have a seen a couple stamping out the remains of a fiery lantern.

Susie and Jon. Thank you so much for allowing me to document your wedding day. You are truly a special couple.

Thanks to Taylor for coming all the way out from Guelph to second for me :) Celebrant | Susie’s sister . Florist | Susie’s mother . Hair | Susie’s bridesmaid, Chantal . Catering | Jon’s cousin and family volunteers . Cakes | Susie’s mother . Location | Shaw’s Point Resort . Musician | Mourning Wood. Susie and Jon’s friends

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36 Replies

  • Shah Photography  

    Fabulous imagery which conveys the personalities of the couple and guests. Loving your style of photography

  • Eugene Moiseev  

    They are so cool! You’ve really captured the essence of the couple and their relationship, beautiful work.

  • Ashley  

    This is by far the most beautiful, naturally captured wedding I’ve ever laid eyes on. Thank you for sharing your incredible work with us.

  • Bob Owen  

    I saw some of your images on Moment Junkie and just had to come over and check out the whole wedding. So many unique and gorgeous pictures, my favs have got to be the from inside the helicopter. Amazing. Love your processing style too, I’ll be back to check on some more!

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  • Ashley Tyler  

    This set is F*CKIN AMAZING. I want this wedding. I want these photos. The image of the groom looking out the window in the helicopter gave me chills. Why are you so good. World – look out, Brit is coming.

  • Erik Clausen  

    Really, really spectacular coverage. Absolutely lovely. Endearing and complete, a story well told.

  • Nick Evans  

    Wow Brittany! You’ve created some amazing pixels for these awesome people! Thanks for sharing their story with us.


  • Shari Vallely  

    could very well be my most favourite wedding you have ever photographed! you are brilliant + these photos are so fantastic!

  • Luis Godinez  

    Effing beuatiful. I love it. I love that all the vendors are family members. I love every single image. I love this couple. They just seem super sincere and rad. I want to have a beer with them. And lastly, you rule, Brit!

  • Len  

    Abso-freaking-lutely unreal wedding and you are so awesome. Love it so much!

  • Julianne Markow  

    Whoa, everything about this post is amazing. Seriously your photos are incredible, and Susie and Jon awesome! I love this so freaking much!

  • Carey Nash  

    Wow. What a fantastic wedding and love the feeling and the vibe! Not much else I can say but congrats to the couple and a beautiful capture of their day. I need to go pickerel fishing soon

  • Emily  

    Probably the best wedding blog post I’ve seen all year. There’s nothing I don’t love about this entire post. The photos are gorgeous and they’re put together beautifully. What wonderful people and wonderful families. I’m so glad you were the one who got to tell their story.. this is just so, so beautiful.

  • heather nan  

    Said it a million times before, but seriously, I’m in love with your work. Well done Brittany, well done.

  • andrea  

    ridiculously awesome work britt. all of it. and is that a wooden wedding band??? so cool!!

  • Amy Chapman  

    INSANE!!!! This wedding was amazing and all the images are stunning!!! You are crazy girl :) I would like to stage another wedding to have you capture it, love love love!

  • Amber Hughes  

    Seriously Brittany? This is absolutely cramzingly fantastic-awesome. You heard me… ;)

    You know I adore all your work, but this wedding really stands out. I’m totally in love with all the great moments, the details and the backdrops. Beautifully captured!