Paige & Mitch
Country Backyard Wedding

This is just a part of a story I have been so grateful to witness and document. This past autumn Paige and Mitch were married in an intimate ceremony in her parents’ backyard, a wide open field overlooking the Rocky Mountains.

This is a day so dear to my heart. I have known Paige’s family for thirteen years and am so beyond fortunate to call them my friends. They have seen my mother and I through some of our most difficult times, they have celebrated beside us with our greatest accomplishments, they are always on the other end of the phone when you need them most, and they introduced us to tacos on Christmas Eve. There truly is not a more caring and loving family and I am so fortunate to know them.

Then came along Mitch. A man so deserving of the wonderfulness that is Paige. They compliment each other so perfectly. Together they had the most beautiful baby boy, whose first moments I documented here.

They hoped for a small intimate day wedding. Something simple that incorporated Paige’s love for the country and Mitch’s passion for fly fishing.  The details were made by their family and friends, the horse field cleaned, the cupcakes made from Mitch’s mother’s recipe. The morning was abuzz with last minute preparations, moments of nervousness and excitement. Then the ceremony started. I can honestly say when of my favourite wedding moments was as Paige and her parents made their way across the field. As they started down the aisle I noticed the moment Paige saw Mitch, a smile stretched across her face, immediately followed by the happiest sob of my life. Simultaneously at that one time you could feel so much love, friendship and delight between Paige and Mitch.

Following the ceremony refreshments were provided before going to The River Cafe for a luncheon reception.

Paige, Mitch and Sawyer.  Thank you for sharing your amazing family and life with me.

Dress | Ethos . Florist | Bouquets by Nosegay | Flowers by Bride’s Mum . Make-up Artist | Joanne Black . Hair Stylist | Katrina Williams . Catering and Reception Venue | River Cafe . Cupcakes | Paige’s mother with Mitch’s mother’s recipe . Thank you to the always wonderful Sam for second shooting with me

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7 Replies

  • Albert Palmer  

    This probably a contender for the most beautiful wedding in the world. Just amazing Brittany! You need a sample of this ASAP!

  • Lennart Isaksson  

    How incredibly beautiful Brittany. Absolutely stunning.
    I don’t know what adjectives I can use to sum up your photography. So fresh, personal and sophisticated without the gimmicks. Can’t wait to see more of what you see. Love it.

  • Hayley Gaynor  

    Good lord my sister is stunning :)
    Amazing pics Brit, we absolutely love having you as a part of our little extended family, you are so talented, and always such a joy to have around the house, taking in all the Gaynor Chaos that is inevitable with every Gaynor held celebration :) .