A Photographer in Central America
Part 4

This is it! A small sampling of the experiences and sights I had the pleasure of having in Guatemala.  I could not have enjoyed myself more and hope someday (soon) to return. Thank you for taking the time to read these posts.

Class would typically start with a game or exercise. In Don Adelfo’s class ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’ was the game of choice.

From Comitancillo we stopped in Veinte Reales where Don Cornelio, one of the CAUSE teachers, and his family live. It required a thirty minute hike across fields, up and down hills and across several streams but it was more than worth it to see these smiling faces.

I’m going to say it. Perfection is over rated. After taking some images I showed the two kids the images on the back of my camera and this was the reaction – blurry as anything but I love it.

Before leaving, Don Cornelio’s wife and kids insisted on giving us a giant bag of ripe plums. I can not even explain to you how delicious they were. Absolutely delectable!

I have been keeping a marvelous part of Guatemala from all of you. Colours. Everywhere there are the most brilliant and shocking colours – whether it be in the women’s huipils, the cuisine, or the landscape. Although black and white is just so wonderful for displaying textures which are so common and intricate throughout Guatemala the colours are breathtaking. So, expect to see a few smattering of colour images within this post.

I would now like to introduce you to one of my favourite elderly couples.  In the aldea of Tuixoqel, Doña Maria Dominga Gomez Perez lives with her husband and six children.  Twenty years ago they started a pharmacy in their home to aid their community and the surrounding towns. With loans through CAUSE Canada‘s microcredit program, Doña Maria has been able to purchase a wider variety of drugs in the city of San Marcos. Before leaving, they asked for a portrait of the two of them. I can’t recall precisely what was said, but what I said in English was translated first to Spanish by the interns and then to Mam, their native language, by one of the local CAUSE representatives. These are the images that followed. I can not help by smile every time I see them.

Don’t you just wish you could just grab a cup of coffee and sit down and discuss life with these two?

Doña Maria with her pharmaceuticals.

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  • Kirstie  

    Brittany this series is so incredible! Gorgeous moving work. You are insanely talented. I think you should have a gallery show of this work. The black and whites are so powerful.

  • Milena Dekic  

    Seriously amazing. I’m blown away by the photos, you are amazing and I can’t wait to see photos from your current trip :)

  • Jessica Zais  

    These are all so amazing!!!!!! I’m in love. I want prints of some of them! I want to know more about this CAUSE Canada thing you’re doing!

  • H&K  

    You are one of the BEST PHOTOGRAPHERS I have EVER SEEN. Not kidding. Totally serious. Wow…

  • julie  

    OK. That settles it. Next time you go somewhere… I am coming. And now you are off to another amazing country. I want to be you. My family just got back from Israel and had an amazing time. Happy Birthday BTW!

  • Paul Rowland  

    These are great–the laughing, elderly couple made me smile also. Thank you for sharing these, Britt S.

  • Kevan  

    I’m with Anna on this one – these need to be published somehow! Gorgeous stuff!

  • Anna  

    awesome – from first to the last. would make beautiful book:)