A Photographer in Central America
Part 3

I absolutely loved attending the literacy classes. The women were so proud of their ability to write and count. In the mornings the children would attend school and in the afternoon the mother’s and women would attend school.

A third year class of women met in Vista Hermosa – at this point of their education they were able to read aloud from newspapers. Spanish is their second language as Mam, a Mayan dialect, is their first. I will see if my next post if I can post a sound clip as it is quite an interesting language to listen to.

I was followed around this classroom by several young boys who were quite enthralled with my camera – this young fellow however was more content listening to the women read.

Doña Reina leads a leadership class at her home in Tuilelan – the primary topic this day was community leadership and savings. Doña Isabella, one of the ladies in the leadership class, invited us to her home at the end of class.

Thanks for looking! Feel free to check out CAUSE‘s site for more information on their programs.

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